Baby Boomers…Address Your Stress

You’re 50+ years of age…your post college kids are back home and invading your space, the company you’ve been with for 2o years has decided you have become obsolete, your doctor has told you to lose weight, eat right, and drink less.  Your husband/wife has no interest in you…and you’re on the ledge with stress.

Stress can lead to heart attack, stroke, obesity, occupational injuries (due to lack of sleep), erectile dysfunction and suicide.  Weekly acupuncture treatments have been noted to reduce stress and blood pressure, improve the immune system and help with addictive behavior.  If you’re in a ‘black hole’, call or  email the office and schedule an appointment.  You’ll feel better after your first treatment and you will be able to manage all life has thrown your way in a much more positive frame of mind.  917-701-7582

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