How to Stick to Your Resolutions

How many of you have already gone ‘off the wagon’ with your New Year’s Resolution?  I’ll bet at least 60% of you have either wandered from the gym – or not gone there yet (the “Manana Syndrome”), couldn’t say NO to those Dunkin’ Munchkins your colleague brought to the office, or purchased your 78th pair of Manolos just because they were 10% off (even though your credit card is about to blow up).

We all try hard to stay the course and we are all well-intentioned, but many stray from their resolutions within the first month of the year.  But, there are those individuals who always seem to do what they say they are committed to and stay in the game….coming out as winners.  How do they do it? What’s their secret?  I’ll tell you…. They STATE their intentions  publicly….yes, they tell everyone; they announce their intentions to the entire cyberworld via Facebook, at group meetings (Weight Watchers, Int’l for example), prior to the start of their favorite class at the gym (general announcement, folks!), or tell one more person each and every day what their goals are.  These Winners OWN THEIR WORDS and are ACCOUNTABLE for their actions.  People who are accountable own up to what’s coming out of their mouths and take responsibility for their commitments.  Of course, they have their bad days here and there, but because they ‘wear’ their accountability on their foreheads, they will tell the world as they know it how they’ve slipped and will ask for help to get back on course.  Their reward for accountability?  Their world responds with encouragement and support.  Pretty neat – isn’t it?  For instance….

I have a friend who was told by his MD that he needed to lose approximately 65 lbs.  His health was poor and for a man of his age, he was headed down a slippery slope.  What did he do?  He joined Soul Cycle and every single day for at least the past 6 months (snow, sleet, rain and heat), he posts on Facebook what his morning workout was, how many calories he burned, how much weight he was losing and takes a selfie.  Some might say this type of behavior could be labelled as narcissistic, but what this clever fellow is doing is being ACCCOUNTABLE for his resolution to lose weight, improve his health and live a healthier lifestyle.  So, what happened?  “Friends” and “Friends of Friends” have posted their support and cheer him on.  No matter what city he travels to or what holiday might come up, this guy finds a gym, takes a class and keeps ‘walking the walk’…he’s staying in the game.  Results?  Gradually, he’s lost over 45lbs last time I looked at his page.  He’s looking 10 years younger, gave his larger sized clothing to charity and feels just so much better.  Better still…his gusto for life is back and he is feeling fabulous and looking forward to attaining his goal of the 65lbs.  Quite frankly, I’m impressed.  Well done, my friend!

Folks…it doesn’t matter how large or small your resolution is this year….enroll a buddy to help you stay in the game.  Tell friends and colleagues what your goals are and don’t make it idle water cooler talk.  Stick to the plan, keep your support group up to date with your progress, and when someone brings the Dunkin’ Munchkins into the office, do what I do….tell them I’m back on Weight Watchers and I am not having any Munchkins today.  That’s the truth.  You see….even diehards like me need to be accountable for my own goals.  So, I just tell everyone I’m back on the Weight Watchers Wagon because I want to look even better come Springtime….accountability….try it on for 30 days and stick with it.  You’ll be surprised what happens.

If you have an issue with your resolutions and need help, contact my office.  I’ve helped a multitude of patients achieve their goals via my Wellness Program here at the clinic.  Wishing all the best this January and let’s all Stay In The Game!

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