A Day To Remember Our Veterans

Remember Our Men and Women in Service

This Memorial Day weekend, while you’re having fun, spend more than a few minutes to remember and reflect what Memorial Day means to you. Take the time to shake a vet’s hand and express gratitude for his or her service. Be kind and treat a service person to a cup of coffee and engage into a conversation. Inquire about what his/her role was/is in the military and get to know where they are from and what their aspirations are after military service. You will find that many will want to share their experiences.

I had the privilege and honor this past week to take part in a fundraising event for the NYC Veterans Alliance. I met with quite a few men and women who were either veterans or are still in service. I shook their hands, thanked them for their dedication; but what I found most interesting speaking with the veterans was how they transformed the skills they acquired while serving in the military into the most interesting and successful civilian careers. It was truly a fascinating evening and this organization truly does help veterans to navigate many aspects of post-military life.

For those in the New York City area, I highly suggest you read a bit more about the Alliance and get involved as much as you can. Pay it forward, people!

Here at the Golden Acupuncturist clinic, I treat many persons who suffer from PTSD, CPTSD and many symptoms from physical trauma. If you are a veteran or know a vet who is in need of personalized care in a serene and calm environment – pass on my information and I will help them. I am registered with the VA system and accept their insurance plan. They will be treated with the respect and kindness and expertise they deserve. This weekend, while you’re working hard on the grill, remember those who have worked even harder, gave their lives, and are still on the job to ensure we have our freedoms!

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