Spring Forward This Weekend and Get Ready for the Warmer Weather

Avoid Springtime Allergies

Spring is just around the corner and after a brutally cold, snowy winter here in the Northeast, we’re chomping at the bit to get out to play in the warmer weather.  With all the snow we’ve had will come plenty of pollen, so before you suffer big time with seasonal rhinitis this spring, get your immune system boosted NOW!  Come in for a few treatments so you’ll be able to get out and enjoy the warmer weather without suffering from seasonal allergies.  A small effort on your part will go a long way and most major health insurance providers will cover your treatments.  Call or email the office today!

Get in Shape for Springtime Fun

If aches and pains are bothering you now, what will you do when it’s time to have fun in the sun this spring?  Sports medicine is one of my fields of specialty.  Many of my patients will tell you that just one treatment will make a tremendous difference in your golf swing, running pace, or tennis serve.  Get with the game early on this year and treat your body to something really good!  An hour is all it takes on the road to greatness…

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